The $10 Weekly – EMERGENCY E.L.F. Spotted!

E.L.F. blush & bronzer set and eye shadow duo set.
E.L.F. blush & bronzer set and eye shadow duo set.

Eyes Lips Face (E.L.F.) is a US Dollar Store Brand of makeup. They have a whole line of products that were originally sold at the Dollar Store which has always been considered pretty good quality. They have built off of that success to create their “Studio” line which retails from $3-$5 per item and now can be found in all kinds of places not just the Dollar Store. US Beauty Bloggers look to E.L.F. for high-end dupes & amazing bargains and E.L.F. often delivers. Of course, not everything E.L.F. does is amazing but most of it considered really good for the price. The problem for us is that access to E.L.F. products in Canada is limited. I have found them at Winners and they are sold on Nat has found them at Superstore by her house however the Superstores near me don’t seem to want to carry them… until NOW! I present to you my $10 E.L.F. “haul.” It’s not really a haul, I only bought 2 things but still….

Blush & bronzer Duo. Swatches below.
Blush & bronzer Duo. Swatches below.
Eye shadow set, swatches below.
Eye shadow set, swatches below.

I purchased 2 gift sets totaling $10.50 + tax. I got the blush/bronzer duo which includes a small kabuki style brush. It was priced at $3.75. I also got the 4pc eye shadow set that also includes a brush. There are 4 eye shadow pots however each pot contains 2 eye shadows so in total I got 8 eye shadows. The set was priced at $6.75. The E.L.F. in the US always has these items cheaper. When I go to I find that an item that normally costs $6 in the states will be $10 there. On average I find E.L.F. products to be almost double the price in Canada. I took a look at E.L.F.’s website to see how much I overpaid for these guys and I am not outraged! I found the bronzer/blush duo was $3 in the States. I couldn’t find the 4 pc eye shadow set exactly but something similar was selling for $5 BUT it didn’t include the brush and it was only 4 colours not 8! So not only can we grab E.L.F. at Superstore, the mark up is also not offensively high!

I already own 1 small eye shadow palette from E.L.F. I’ve used it and find that E.L.F. products tend to be highly pigmented and blendable. You may battle with a little fall out though. I also find that they tend to have a dryer texture. When used with a primer I had no issues getting a full day out of my eye look when using my E.L.F. palette.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with E.L.F. here are some swatches and my first impressions:

2014-12-04 18.42.51
The bronzer is not matte. It’s a great shade for fair skin and isn’t too orange or yellow. The blush has a little glitter in it and is a lovely pink. Also well suited for fair skin. I’m wearing both of them today and am very pleased with the look. It’s not dramatic. I would describe it as pretty.
2014-12-04 18.47.46
The little brush actually does a good job of picking up product. E.L.F. has a reputation for making good quality bargain brushes.
2014-12-04 18.48.22
The eye shadow brush that comes in the eye shadow set. I used it this morning with my Smashbox makeup and it worked great.
2014-12-04 18.49.49
Unfortunately this one swatches kind of muddy. Both colours look similar on a swatch but when in the pan they are clearly not! They are glittery shades so I think I will try using them as a glitter dust over rather than a shade on their own.
2014-12-04 18.58.21
The matte nude shade swatches well but doesn’t show up in photos. It’s similar to Wet’n’Wild Brulee. The gold shade looks great!
2014-12-04 18.58.35
These two remind me of the only other E.L.F. shadow that I own… it’s a purple palette and includes similar shades. They swatch nicely but do have a lot of fallout.
2014-12-04 18.58.45
Silver and Black. Not my thing but they look pretty good.


Swatches! I put them in order as they appear on my arm.
Swatches! I put them in order as they appear on my arm.



5 thoughts on “The $10 Weekly – EMERGENCY E.L.F. Spotted!

  1. Hi guys, great article! You probably already know this, but e.l.f is now being sold at Walmart in Ontario Canada (they got rid of Flower Beauty). I’ve fallen in love with the brand – esp, their brushes. I picked up a 2016 holiday set of 3 of the same shadow duos with the same brush, and was really IMPRESSED! It came to less than $2 each. I also love their blush and Contour palettes, undereye primer and Lip Exfoliator. Their website in the US had a massive sale on Cyber Monday (50% off everything including already reduced items), and I hear they do it more than once a year. I was blown away by the selection on their site. Even with duties, tax and the exchange, you end up getting great deals and a ton of choices (like .50 eyebrow stencils, Blotting papers and brushes).


    1. Oh My God YES!! I wrote this over a year ago now and was soooooo excited to see ELF finally start to enter the Canadian Market in a mass accessible way. I’m sad to see Flower Beauty go (I like them) but ELF is better. Way more selection! I also love their lip exfoliator! I didn’t care for the brown one but I picked up the cherry one in a Holiday kit and was so excited about it! And their brushes are my fave! If you do a big ELF Haul you should let me know, I want to order more from their site but am not sure what’s good.


      1. Sorry for the late reply, I just figured out how to set the site and I’ve subscribed to you. I also prefer elf and it’s way more affordable. I did a mini haul yesterday so I’m going to organize my makeup and brushes and post all my elf items on Instagram @joannej_1974 and a mini review so I’ll let you know. Right now the only things I can remember not liking are the lip plumper/primer stick (just doesnt work) and the hydrating Primer (it was like grease and render I have super dry skin). I’m also a huge fan of their brushes … bought 2 more yesterday because it looked like they might not be selling the $1.00 US/ $1.99 CAD /lower end range as singles. They were also low on stock at Walmart a and their small blending brush is my most used (I have 4 lol).

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