Yay or Nay Sunday – Bite Beauty Mix n’ Mingle Holiday Set (So much LOVE).

Yes, yes and more yes…. I mean Yay, yay and more yay. There is no drum role this Sunday and no introduction…. just a big ol’ YAY!

When I saw this set, I had to have it. I own one of the mini duos in Musk/Lychée and I adore it. I must say that Bite Beauty’s Luminous Crème lipsticks are my favourite high-end lipstick formula. Hands down, I recommend them (and I have also roped in Sheena hehehe). They also have quite a wide range of colours and some are quite unique.

This kit retailed for $118 exclusively at Sephora and contains with 5 mini duos, 3 of the popular Matte Crayons an 2 lip glosses.

– 5 x Luminous Crème lipstick duo in Tangerine/Lingonberry, Poppy/Scarlet, Fig/Date, Palomino/Violet and Tannin/Riesling
– 3 x Matte Crème lip crayon in Gavi, Glacé and Maraschino
– 2 x Lush Fruit lip gloss in Honey and Guava

I know that this kit is no longuer available for  sale but I still thought it would be worth it to do a review on it because all the colours included in the set are regular collection colours and you can still purchase them. So if you see a swatch below that you love, you can go and buy it. Also, many of these little mix n’ mingle duos and mini crayons and lip glosses are available for purchase individually. They retail for $15 each and even come with a little red ribbon that you can hang it up in the Christmas tree and a lip-shaped gift tag. So even if you missed out on this set, not all is lost, you can still purchase and give some of these treasures as gifts or keep them all to yourself!

These sample sizes are perfect to try out the Bite Beauty brand and some of its products. You can try a bunch of colours from the line without paying the $28 price tag for the lipsticks and crayons and $25 for the lipglosses. This kit contains a range of colours, from a vampy lip, a red lip, a colour lip all the way to a nude and glossy lip.

The box of the kit is nice and sturdy and I haven’t been able to get rid of it… It is a nice box, super cute and fits all the individual colours and boxes in a nice fashion. I must admit that I have put this on display in my beauty/geek room right beside my Link statue (props to my other geek girls who got that reference!).

Let’s talk about the Luminous Crème lipsticks: You get 10, yes 10 lipsticks to try and love. The formula, OMG the formula. Super creamy but not too thick and it is long-lasting. I have dry lips and always need lipbalm, so I was afraid when I started wearing more lipstick that I would hate it because I would feel the need to still put lipbalm over the lipstick. Not with these, they are not drying at all and keep my lips comfortable and hydrated. I am in love with the colours Date and Tangerine. When I swatched Tangerine, I had a little beauty blogger-gasm lol.

Matte Crème lip crayons: Another reason why I liked this set is that I had never tried the crayons or the lipglosses. I had heard many vloggers rave about the crayons and I was super happy to try some out! I can tell you that they do not disappoint, especially the colour Glacé. I have used Glacé a lot since I got this set, it is a great work/every day colour. Since they are matte, they are a little more drying than the lipsticks but that is not a big down side since it helps its staying power. You could also use these as a lip liner function or under a lipstick if you like layering colours. Go get you some!

Lush Fruit lip glosses: That is just exactly what they are, lush fruit lip glosses; they smell fruity, they feel great and lush on the lips. I really like to wear Honey over the matte crayons since it gives a little shine and sparkle. It is a great layering lipgloss. The Guava is great on its own but could also be layered.

Last overall impressions. This set is impressive, every colour is worth trying, every product is worth trying and getting. Bite Beauty has hit a home run with their formulations, colour choices, and their entire line. Did I also mention that all the lip products also smell fantastic?? I suggest that you guys check out this line of products and if you are on a budget, try out the mini duos and mini mix and mingle kits they hold (usually near the cashes) at Sephora in store and online. You will not be disappointed. I also want to mention that they are very nicely packaged in a cute box and since they are a mini size, they fit great in a purse on the go, even in a small clutch during the holiday season or in a jean pocket when going out!

Here are the swatches of all the prodcuts. The 1st colour swatched is the top one of the duo and the 2nd colour is the bottom one.

Glacé, Maraschino and Gavi

Guava and Honey



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