The $10 Weekly – More from Essence!

This one will be short… I got more Essence – my favourite under $5 brand! I found 2 more blushes and a lovely bronzer 🙂

Too cute!
Too cute!

The bronzer is an all-in-one bronzing highlighter. I chose the shade “sun light.” It goes on lightly. I have fair skin and I don’t use a ton of bronzers or contour. It’s only been recently that I’ve been dabbling in bronzers to add warmth back in to my face. I just brush it on with a big fluffy brush where the sun hits – you know the drill. The shimmer in this bronzer is not sparkly or too shiny. I enjoy the gentle glow it adds, especially since I use matte blush! I will be hunting for more shades in their bronzer. Oh! And they smell like COCONUT!! ❤ The bronzer was $3.99.

A closer look at "sun light" by essence.
A closer look at “sun light” by essence.

You all should know that I love the Essence blushes. When ever I find a shade I don’t have, I grab it! I found “Autumn Peach” and “Adorable” when I bought my bronzer. I recommend them to anyone. The blush are $2.99 each. You can’t go wrong there!

Autumn Peach and Adorable
Autumn Peach and Adorable

Pretty much bang on $10 this week! I have to gush a little. Whenever I buy Essence face products I always walk away feeling like I got my moneys worth. I love me my Tarte Blushes but at $32 a pop… OUCH! Needless to say, I feel like I was able to make my $10 stretch this week and am very happy to add to my growing collection of Essence products.


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