Special December Daily Posts – Benefit Advent Calendar!!!

Benefit Cosmetics - Advent Calendar

Hey Guys!

If you read my Yay or Nay Sunday last week, you know that it was my birthday! My husband spoiled me (as always, yes I am lucky!) and gave me a very thoughtful gift, the Benefit Advent Calendar. Let me tell you why it was so thoughtful! First, this is a gift that combines a few of my favourite things: Christmas, advent calendars and beauty! Second, I have severe food allergies and intolerance so I cannot normally have any of the traditional chocolate advent calendars. Thirdly, my hubby knows how much effort we (Sheena, Missy and I) are putting into this blog and he thought it could be something I could review and do posts about! That’s my hubby, always giving me thoughtful gifts.

That being said, I thought it would be cool to post a quick article every day to say what was my surprise of the day with a quick review if I had a chance to try the item. This series will run from December 1-24, for every day on the advent calendar.

This calendar is still available at Sephora stores and online and retails for $119. I have been trying very hard not to look at the back of the box and online not to spoil what items I will be getting in December!

Come join me on this daily journey and leave me comments if you also got the calendar! We can open these daily goodies together!! See you Monday with the 1st item.


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