Missy’s November Favourites! Lips and a Candle

Where did Fall go? I look outside and see snow already! But at least this means that I can take some time, reflect and consider my favorite things that got me through the month! Usually I just review one thing but I’ve been on a ‘lip repair mission’ so I have three items to discuss and recommend!

I bought all these items at a VIB event I attended with (guess who?) Nat and Sheena. 20% off and feeling in the holiday spirit I merrily went through the gift sets and coveted all the lip stuff I could find (pregnant ladies need to treat themselves right?)

The first item that caught my eye was the Fresh Sugar Ruby Romance limited edition shade-and-shine lip treatment. I keep hearing amazing things about Fresh but their price always turned me off. But with a discount and a color that I couldn’t refuse I now use the Sugar Ruby Tinted Lip Treatment nightly in place of my regular organic lip balm. It does AMAZING work on my dry chapped lips and it doesn’t hurt that it makes me look cute for bed time. I haven’t tried the High-Shine Lip Treatment gloss very much yet – but with its cute compact size and moisturizing properties I’m thinking it’s going to always have a place in my holiday clutch.

Fresh sugar ruby


The next item to go into my basket was the Clinique Chubby Lip Set. Clinique used to be ALL I wore in my early 20s. I liked its advertising, its colors, its availability at The Bay and shoppers, and its relative affordability. I got away from Clinique when I moved to England when I was 24 and couldn’t find it as easily and I guess I never really went back! At any rate this gift set proved to be a bit of a nostalgic thing for me. I always trusted Clinique to deliver what it says and if it says that these Sticks will give lips color while leaving them moisturized then who am I to argue?

And (YAY!) they do just that! I love all the colors in the set! Curviest Caramel and Broadest Berry being the favorites. They’re easy to use and they moisturize without feeling heavy. I love that I can add color to my lips and it’s actually good for my lips!

Clinique chubby colour lip set

Finally, after reading Sheena and Nat’s monthly favorite posts who wouldn’t want a Bath and Body works 3-Wick Candle brightening up their house? I have a pretty sensitive nose so when I went with Nat to Bath and Body Works I was overwhelmed and skeptical about finding a candle that I could burn without feeling nauseous. However, Nat also had a coupon she was willing to share with me and I can never say no a deal! Enter ‘Sparkling Icicles’. It’s not your typical spicy Christmas scent. It reminds me of those ‘ocean’ fragrances that were all the rage in the late 90s and early 00s. In real scent terms, the candle is a blend of ‘bergamot, citrus, and moss’. My husband absolutely ADORES this candle. And I’ve even found him lighting it for his own pleasure as a way to unwind after a long day.

Sparkling Icicles



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