The $10 Weekly – Mini Haul!

This week I went down to my trusty Shoppers Drugmart in search of something to discover for my $10 weekly. I looked at the usual brands and items. I contemplated the Revlon Color Stay foundation since it was on for $14.99 (a stretch I know, but could it be a splurge item?). I looked at the Maybelline Tru Match Foundation which was on special for $11.99. However after the fiasco of last week, my heart wasn’t in to buying foundation. Last time I bought only 1 item and it was the Rimmel Stay Matte Mousse Foundation which was a major FAIL! I felt very let down because I only had $10 and I wasted it on a crap product that I just gave away. Instead of repeating the same mistake I decided that what I really wanted is to feel like I got a lot of stuff! I wanted to make my $10 stretch! So I scavenged the store for clearance items and this is what I ended up with:

My mini haul!
My mini haul!

I got 3 things, 1 item I got two. The little owls are match stick style emery boards. The were so freakin’ cute that I needed two and at $0.99, why not? One for my purse and one for my office 🙂 This would make an adorable stocking stuffer but I’m selfish and keeping them.

The emery boards are little fence posts! Too cute!
The emery boards are little fence posts! Too cute!

My lips have been feeling dry for weeks. I normally use Nivea Essential as my go to lip balm but I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about those crazy looking Eos ones and my Nivea one just doesn’t seem to cut it lately so I grabbed one. It was on sale from $4.99 to $3.99 which was a nice bonus! I chose the flavor pomegranate raspberry. When I got home I used it straight away and boom! My lips are starting to feel better!

It looks weird but works well. The flavor isn't too over powering either.
It looks weird but works well. The flavor isn’t too over powering either.

My main item that I’m super excited about is the instyle bumpbag. It cost me $4.99. This thing is awesome! I have TONS of makeup bags. It feels like for a makeup bag to hold a lot of makeup it needs to be big, bulky and square. I walked by a display of these and was intrigued by the picture on the front. It has an attachment inside designed to hold makeup brushes, lipgloss, eyeliner etc. I thought that was brilliant because my current solution for that is a bag within a bag.

My bumpbag! I love the purple :) They had red and black as well.
My bumpbag! I love the purple 🙂 They had red and black as well.
For scale.
For scale.

I envision using this for my emergency make up kit at work. I tested it out straight away by seeing how much makeup I could get in there 🙂

Only 1 premium sized sample item here. The rest are full size.
Only 1 premium sized sample item here. The rest are full size.
And here they all are. Tucked away neatly!
And here they all are. Tucked away neatly!

Oh but it doesn’t end there! I managed to stuff in quite a few more goodies. A blush brush, a basic brush set from Eco Tools, eye brow pencil, concealer and 3 lip glosses.

And don't forget these guys!
And don’t forget these guys!

The only thing that I struggled fitting in was a small sized of an Urban Decay Setting Spray and a full size Lise Watier Primer. Given that for a travel kit you wouldn’t likely use full sizes I’m not so concerned about the primer. I’d have to do a little work to squeeze in the setting spray though. I’m sure I can since it’s not taller than the bag is wide. I’d also be careful not to use brushes that have really long handles because the bristles will end up getting crushed.

Overall, my $10 mini shopping spree was fruitful! This time when I got home I was really happy and excited to look at my purchases and show off my hidden gems! My bag is now dutifully guarding my makeup stash at work and I use the EOS lip balm daily. I feel like I got my $10 worth this week and you, Dear Reader, can look forward to some posts from us about our emergency makeup bags! This is something that the three of us discuss frequently!!



2 thoughts on “The $10 Weekly – Mini Haul!

    1. Funny thing about that… just yesterday I forgot my setting spray (ugh what a way to start your Monday). When I came home from work my husband came to greet me and the first thing he said was “Whats wrong with your face?” Moral of the story, I’m never leaving the house without setting spray again! haha! Glad you’re a convert too 🙂


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