Make that concealer STICK!

Another random tip time from Sheena!!!

My eyes water and I have a habit of wiping them a lot. As result I have a hard time with not only concealer but also; mascara, eye liner on the lower lash and eyeshadow around the lower lash. If I want to do a cool smokey eye it tends to disappear on me after an hour or two. It can be very frustrating. The most annoying thing that I find about it is that my concealer seems to get wiped away after a few hours of wear and I really need concealer! My trouble spot on my face is my deep set eyes with dark circles. I’ve tried so many concealers; Benefit Boing Boing Cream & the Erase Paste, Smashbox brightener, various Lumi’s that exist, and currently my Maybelline Fit (I’ve tried more but the point of this blog post isn’t to discuss my concealers themselves). No matter what I try, high end or low end, they all melt away under my eyes after a few hours.

I don’t have a solution that works for me regarding the lower lash mascara, liner etc but I have recently solved the longevity of concealer with products that I already own!!

Step 1 – Eyeshadow Primer, Step 2 – Concealer, Step 3 – Setting Powder

I use my eyeshadow primer under my eyes. I apply my concealer and then I set it with a mattifying setting powder such as Essence All About Matte powder. I’ve found that no matter if it’s my Erase Paste, my Maybelline Fit or a mix of both… if I use an eyeshadow primer first and set it after it will then last all day. In fact, I’ve noticed that it will outlast my foundation (which at times can look odd so be careful!).

My current eyeshadow primer is the Smashbox 24 Hour Photo Finish Eyeshadow Primer. I personally find that this primer makes my shadow effectively water proof. I swear by it! However I have read on Paula’s Choice that the Nars eyeshadow primer is gentle enough to be used under the eye as well so I might test that out. If anyone uses the Nars primer that way – I’d LOVE to hear from you! I’d also love to hear from you  if you have any other solutions or experiences concerning making your under eye concealer last. And I’m not just asking in a “let’s make my blog interactive” way. This is a flaw that I struggle with daily and feel self conscious about so I’m willing to buy in to a good quality product if it’s worth it. I have obviously done some research on this topic as well but so far I have very few good solutions other than use eyeshadow primer!


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