A true wine-stained lip is never a good look. They look NOTHING like proper lip stains and are usually accompanied by a hangover. Even after a good night out, life inevitably needs to go on and most of us still need to leave the house whether or not we look our best. And for those ‘common sense people’ out there who decide not to drink red wine … I’m sorry, that’s just not an option for me and some other awesome people I know.

My mother doesn’t drink. So it makes sense that she didn’t teach me how to prevent/obliterate wine stained lips. So I had to figure it out the hard way, through trial and error. Hopefully these tips will keep you looking fabulous and not regretting that extra (and sometimes necessary!) glass of merlot from the night before.

Your first course of action is to PREVENT.  As a rule, I like to perform these prevention measures every time I use the powder room during the evening and then really go to town once I get home from my night.

  • Apply Lip Balm: Drinking, as you should know, dehydrates your body. Apply a moisturizing balm to your lips before and throughout your wine filled night. I recommend the Lush lip balms.
  • Blot Your Lips: Use napkin, toilet paper, or (my personal favorite) a tiny square of rough wash cloth to scrub at your lips. The color in the wine will especially adhere to any dry skin. Don’t let the dry skin exist and don’t ever let the wine have time to soak on your lips!
  • Scrub: Use a hydrating lip scrub and/or a toothbrush with a little bit of olive oil to gently get the color from your lips. I recommend Fresh Sugar Lip Polish or Lush lip scrubs

whip sticksugar lip polish Mint Julips

Your second course of action is to WORK WITH IT.  Sometimes despite the best preventative treatments (or intentions) you wake up with a goth mouth stained with red wine. Take some Tylenol and get ready to rock a bold pout and face your day!

  • Scrub and Apply Lip Balm: This is a good idea to do before ever attempting a bold colored mouth anyway. Get the lips as smooth as possible and then hydrate.
  • Apply Primer: Use your foundation or a thick eye primer on your lips to try to neutralize the garish color and it will also help your lip color stay put for longer. I recommend Urban Decay eye-shadow primer tube.
  • Wine Colour: Apply a creamy wine colored lip pencil. I recommend the Nars satin lip pencil in Hyde Park or Golshan.

UD eyeshadow primernars satin lip pencil

Due to my pregnancy I haven’t had to deal with red wine stained lips in a while. Although I did wind up with the same issue from eating too many frozen blueberries one night! I looked in the mirror to see reddish blue lips (a.k.a. goth mouth) staring back at me! For all those red wine/blueberry lovers out there I hope this post helps!



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