Wantable Makeup Box Unboxing – Nov 2014

I have been getting boxes with Wantable since May 2014 and I have enjoyed this subscription immensely. This month however, the box lacked quality and items were defective. I did give Wantable the feedback and with their amazing customer service (I received an answer within 2 hours of contacting them), they offered to replace the items but since they were out of stock, they gave me a $15 credit on my account that I can put towards my next box. Without further adieu, let’s get to the items I received!

My box this month has $85 US value and I did get 25% off which made the lack of quality of this box more acceptable…



Let’s start with the best item in the box: Lise Watier Blush-On Powder in 61 Bronze D’or (24$ US)

“Reshape those features. Sculpt that face. It’s truly amazing what you can do when you put on a healthy blush in no time with a little Blush-On Powder.”

Do not get fooled by the poor state that it looks in in the picture below, I did that when I managed to get the little plastic protector stuck inside the circle… 10 mins later of trying to get it out…. This blush is a perfect nude, good formula and the colour is just perfect. Best item in my box by far. Lise Watier has good products and I was happy to see this in my box because I have always to try more items from this line.  The packaging is also nice and sturdy and it has a brush underneath too. ❤

The BrowGal by Tanya Crooks – Double Ended Highligther Pencil in Champagne/Shine and Cherub/Matte ($21 US)

The highlighter pencil is a double ended pencil with both a shimmer and mate side that fits a variety of skin tones and blends easily. 

 This highlighter pencil is interesting and I am not quite sure what to make of it. I can see the utility of it and possibly make it an easy highlight for the brow,  although I typically use eyeshadow for that purpose. I do like the swatch of it, and the shade of the highlight colour. I could also see it be used for an all over face highlight. I will for sure try this side of the pencil. The other it says it’s for blemishes to hide, kinda like a concealer. Or possibly to use to highlight the face when contouring where you want those sections to be a matte highlight. The more I think of this pencil, the more I think it would be a good on-the-go product. Either in my purse for touch-ups or when I have to do my makeup at work when I am running late.

 I have left the 2 worst items for the end because if you are to read anything of this article and stop, that it is the good stuff about Wantable!

PLA_Beauty Blush in Pink Ribbon ($22 US)

“Blush makeup comes in highly-pigmented and long-lasting colors to complement all skin tones.”

PLA_Beauty, more like BLAH_Beauty. As you can see, I received the blush broken. Wantable is super good at fixing those issues as you saw at the beginning of this post. But honestly, I do not think Wantable is 100% responsible for this, I think the cheap packaging of this product contributed to the condition it was in when I received it. It does not come in a box and the top was screwed on loosely and the plastic just feels cheap. This is not the 1st time I received a PLA_Beauty product in my Wantable and the others were also misses. On the previous one, the name of the company was written on the top of the product and this time it was not. There is just that badly cut circle sticker that you can see in the picture down below that even cuts off part of the product information. Otherwise, the formula is creamy, I cannot take that away from it, but it is not easily blendable. I tried a little bit of it to see if it was worth trying to fix but I don’t think so. As you can see it is bright pink, so when I applied it to my cheeks it was sooo pink and I had a lot of trouble blending it out to make it look less like a clown or doll. This is a miss for me.


PLA_Beauty single eyeshadow in Bronze Sunset ($18 US)

“From (PLA_) with a twist! These eye shadows come in several beautiful shares rich in pigment ranging from soft natural to velvety shimmer to eye-popping fashion colors.”

The same things about the the packaging I mentioned in the blush product above and also about the no name of the product, the sticker on the bottom and the cheap plastic still stands on this eye shadow. To add to it, as you can see in the picture below, the eye shadow pan was unstuck from the bottom. Again, cheap packaging. I am however, more likely to use this shadow because it is highly pigmented and it is a nice shade. Overall, I am not a fan of the PLA_Beauty products…

Hope you enjoyed this unboxing, come back next month for the December box!!!


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