Pur Minerals Soul Mattes Palette – A Ramble of Love

The Soul Mattes Eyeshadow palette from Pur Minerals is an all matte shadow palette featuring 8 different shades. It also includes a brush. The shades are; Sweetheart (pale pink), Companion (vanilla), Adore (puce), Better Half (raspberry), Alter Ego (plum), BFF (cinnamon), Confidant (tea rose). They are natural looking, fall inspired colours. You could get tons of great looks out of this palette because in my opinion, they all tend to match up very well. In fact – that is what I love most about this palette! I find that many brands don’t include enough matte options in their palettes (*ahem* Urban Decay Naked 2). If you are more of a nude or minimalist makeup wearer like me, you look to matte shades to tone down colors and provide balance in a look so that you don’t feel like you are literally shining. A little shimmer goes a long way in my mind, so not every shade that I wear needs to be satin finish or metallic. There are other great matte palettes on the market too but I would dare to offer that this is the best one yet!

There she be, in all 'er glory! (pirate voice)
There she beeeee, in all ‘er glory! (pirate voice)

Soul Mattes - Swatched
Soul Mattes – Swatched

Other palettes such as Too Faced Matte Eyeshadow Collection (which I own) or The Balm’s Meet Matt(e) provide a mismatch of shades that are intend to work together in lines or columns. Like row 1 all goes well together, row 2 works together, etc. But heaven forbid you mix the blue from row 1 with the brown from row 2!!! I’ve seen some vloggers master the mix and match within the palette, I suppose, but for me I was never able to go beyond the recommended looks with those palettes without feeling like my eyes were clashing a bit. Maybe it was because they blended poorly? Maybe it was because they simply don’t all fit together as a look? Regardless, I do not have that issue with the Pur Minerals Soul Mattes palette! I am super excited to find a matte palette that was thought through beyond “here’s some matte options that we’ve slapped together!” It’s like they’ve done what Urban Decay did with the Naked 1 palette and applied it to a matte palette. They made a theme (fall colours), selected colours from the same family that worked well together and put together a beautiful palette that makes senses and just so happens to be matte.

But Sheena! What about the Urban Decay Basics 1 and 2!!?? – Excellent point! They are fantastic and I would never take anything away from them. There’s also a highly recommended matte palette from Sonia Kashuk (recommended by Tati) and some matte quads from Physicians Formula (recommended by Emily Noel). These are great palettes that don’t really directly compete with the Pur Minerals Soul Mattes palette because they are all of the brown-ish nude shades. You can achieve lots of great no-makeup-makeup looks with them or use them as a base to another look. I think they’re awesome and I personally have matte options in brown shades from Smashbox, Rimmel, Maybelline etc but I have so few matte options that are in a color that’s not brown or nude. In fact – in my collection I think the only color that I have in matte finish is from the Too Faced Matte Eyeshadow Collection palette. I frequently wear the purple/grey tones they have in there (It’s awesome by the way. I don’t mean to poo-poo on it but I can’t wear the blue shades in it at all and I find the browns they offer aren’t as nice as the Urban Decay ones or Smashbox so I really only use 3 shades out of 9). Stila makes some fantastic matte palettes that include gorgeous color options but the kicker is the price. Stila’s latest palettes “Eyes Are The Window” retail for $60 where as Pur Minerals Soul Mattes retails for $32. Partially tying in to my point above, I welcome a cohesive palette where every shade works with each other and happens to be matte AND is not just nude for a fair price 🙂 Way to take a risk Pur Minerals!

Group Photo
The Naked Basics is cohesive but all nudes. In contrast the Too Faced palette and the Balm palette each have a variety of colors but don’t stick to a theme. (Order depicted is: Too Faced Matte Collection, The Balm Meet Matt(e), and Urban Decay Basics)

Oh boy… it took me forever to get to the point! I’ve been wearing my beautiful Soul Mattes Palette all week. I pair it with my Smashbox 24 Hour Photo Finish Primer. It’s been my experience with matte eyeshadows that you can’t skip the primer. Whether it’s Rimmel or Smashbox, those lighter shades need a little help when they have a matte finish. I haven’t even tried this palette without a primer. That being said, when I use my primer and make my awesome matte fall look, my makeup doesn’t budge! No slippage, no disappearing colors… nothing. It’s also been my experience that matte shadows are harder to blend. I think this is because there’s nothing in them to reflect the light so you need to really make sure there’s a smooth color transition between the shades you use. So far, I feel that the shades within this palette are easier to blend than my Too Faced matte palette – which is saying a lot! Overall the quality is there and it’s priced at a friendly $32! (pssst that’s less than Urban Decay Basics)

The only constructive criticism that I’d like to offer Pur Minerals is that the packaging could be improved. The palette is in a metal tin with a large mirror and a brush. However I can’t open mine to lie flat on my counter. This is makes using the mirror a little uncomfortable and also makes me a little concerned about it getting knocked over. I love this palette and would cry if it broke!! So maybe next time Pur Minerals could look at making their palette lie more flat? Also, although the brush isn’t bad, it’s not great. I’d look to include a double sided brush, one side for packing on color and the other side for blending.

To wrap it up (because sadly I must), if you are looking for a matte palette then check this one out! If you prefer more subdued makeup palette, check this one out! If you love berry and wine colours, check this one out! You seriously might dig it. I know I do.



Soul Mattes - Swatched
Soul Mattes – Swatched
2014-12-22 10.08.41
A basic look that I created.
2014-12-22 10.07.11
Simple and soft.



4 thoughts on “Pur Minerals Soul Mattes Palette – A Ramble of Love

    1. I found the Pur Minerals Matte Palette at Shoppers. Most have them. You can also order online and orders over $50 have free shipping, even to Canada! It was $32. I haven’t tried that Wet n Wild palette yet. I saw them at Rexall early this fall but didn’t grab it. Now I can’t find them and I’m upset about it? Did you manage to get any?


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