Introducing The $10 Weekly

Before I get totally in to this post, I just want to quickly acknowledge that today is Remembrance Day here in Canada. Please take a moment out of your day to remember those who sacrificed and to reflect on the peace that we enjoy in Canada. I will be wearing my Poppy with pride today!

And with that… here is your regularly scheduled post 🙂

I’ve been toying around with a few regular posts that I can commit to doing. The challenge is that when you commit to doing a blog you have to buy the products that you are talking about. You know, so you can try them, test them and talk about them! Missy, Nat and I are doing this blog as a hobby. We don’t get free stuff sent to us, we have to buy everything we talk about. That’s ok with me however my wallet disagrees! As result I decided to pick an article that I can commit to – the $10 weekly! The theme will be around what you can do with approximately $10. Maybe I will try out a $10 product? Do a mini-Essence Haul? Something around $10-ish. A lot of times when people talk budget they talk value and in terms of justifying purchases. I am keenly aware that a $62 Urban Decay Naked Palette is excellent value but my problem is that at this moment, I do not have $62. But I do have $10. So I’m committing to doing something around $10 every week and we shall see where it takes us 🙂

Ok so let’s get started! If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram you will know that recently I picked up some NYX shadow palettes for $5 each! I got 2 and they are lovely. Rexall was clearing out a bunch of NYX items to make room for some new stock (which I’m going to pic up when they have a sale). I have purchased several eye shadows from NYX in the past. Their singles, trios and a purple 10 shadow palette. The singles that I own are great, 1 of the 2 trios is awesome the other is meh, and the 10 shadow purple palette was disappointing. In short – I find NYX to be hit or miss but when I do find ones that I like, I really like them! And best of all – the price is right.

This is what I got:

2014-10-28 21.26.54
Eat, Love, Be Fab & Meet My Romeo


Meet My Romeo - Swatched
Meet My Romeo – Swatched
Eat, Love, Be Fab - Swatched
Eat, Love, Be Fab – Swatched

Overall – For $5, excellent! I am really looking forward to playing with the Eat, Love, Be Fab palette since it has a few colors that I don’t normally use. I don’t think I own a green shade at all!! I found they swatched fairly well and had some nice color pay off. I have never had issues with NYX having fall out and have always found their shadows to have a nice texture. These are great value. I suggest that if you only have $5 on you and you want to get a new eye look, see if your local Rexall has any of these left!



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