How to make a muted polish POP!

Random tip time!

Julep “Barbara,” Essie “Full Steam Ahead,” Essie “Sunday Funday,” and my base coat Essie “Marhsmallow.”

We all love those gorgeous pastels or the muted neutral tones (I’ve personally been coveting mint green polishes lately). The challenge can be that, as a nail polish, they occasionally can get washed out or the color doesn’t appear as true as it is in the bottle. Naturally brand quality has a lot to do with pigmentation but the natural color of your nail bed can also be a contributing factor. Much like one would purchase a tinted eyes shadow primer to help get the truest color of their shadow, a white polish as a base coat can help add a little pop to your soft, neutral or even sparkle nail polish!

I took the color “Marshmallow” by Essie as my base and ran one coat of nail polish of a bright, a pastel and a sparkle polish to show how white nail polish base can be that little extra something to make your gorgeous polish stand out.


My right hand – no base coat at all. The pastel “Full Steam Ahead” is especially dull.
My left hand with “Marshmallow” as a base. I’m not promising miracles here but I think it helps bring out the true color.

If you have a color that you love and are struggling with getting it to look right, try a white base coat! It also does well with sparkle based nail polish. Often I use sparkly polish as a top coat to a coordinating color but there have been times when I didn’t have a color that would work, like when I use gold sparkles. Using a white base coat really helped that!


PS please excuse the blurry photo of my right hand. I was taking the picture with my left hand… it was very awkward!

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