Yay or Nay? Julep Lip Gloss

In today’s Sunday Yay or Nay, Julep Lip Gloss.

Julep launched their lip glosses back in the November 2013 Maven collection with 5 shades. They have since expanded that collection and think that is a great plus!

For me, this product is a, drum roll please… YAY!

Although I find that most of Julep’s makeup that I have tried has been hit or miss, these lip glosses are for sure a hit. I did not purchase these individually, they always came in a kit or in a mystery box. A nice surprise every time! I hope I get more that way. 🙂

I have the shades:

Posh: Sheer black honey

Graceful: Sheer pale pink

Enchanted: Sheer watermelon

Daring: Sheer bright red luster

Swatches: Graceful, Enchanted, Posh and Daring

If you are looking for subtle color, shine and for your lips to feel great while wearing something on your lips, then you need this lip gloss. Even if they look dark in the tube, they are not crazy pigmented and I like that. They are perfect for layering over lip sticks. If you have a lipstick that is a bit on the dry side, slap these on on top and bam, hydration.

These go on nicely and they are not sticky. They have a faint sweet smell but it is not overwhelming, which I like. I cannot stand when a lip gloss has that very strong sweet vanilla smell that lingers for ever.

I was trying to pick out my favourite colour out of the 4 I own and I had difficulty! I think I would go for Enchanted, it is so natural on the lips, kinda like a “my lips but better” colour!

The only down side is that at $16 a pop, I would not purchase these individually as I think it is too steep for the price of a lip gloss. But that it just my personal opinion. If you don’t mind the price, then by all means, get them as you won’t be disappointed!


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