Sheena’s October Favourites!

This month I am on time! It helps a little when we coordinate with each other on who’s doing what and by when 🙂 I am trying to keep my monthly favourites to things I recently purchased or things I’ve rediscovered this month. There are a lot of products that I have been using for a while which are great but I feel it wouldn’t be true to the spirit of a monthly favourites list! As result this month feels a little thin 😦 There just aren’t as many stand outs at this moment. With that being said let’s take a peak at what I did manage to fall in love with this month!

pBBW1-19118849v275Bourbon and Butterscotch Candle from Bath and Body Works – It smells amazing. My husband loves the scent as well. He is a big bourbon fan and you can definitely detect the notes of bourbon when this candle is lit. The butterscotch is the more dominant scent but I’m not complaining! Bath and Body Works candles burn so nicely. I really love them. Currently I’ve finished the Bourbon and Butterscotch candle and am burning their Marshmallow Fireside Candle (which is also amazing).


Benefit Gimme Brow – This might be a holy grail product for me. I already have thick brows. I don’t need to add to my brows at all, I’m only looking to fill them in in places that are sparse. This brow fibre gel fills in my brows nicely without making my already thick brows look like I took a marker to them. It’s the right balance for me. I highly recommend this to anyone who has fuller brows and is looking for a product that keeps their brows in place and fills out the places that are a little thin. This product might not work for someone who has thin brows and is trying to achieve a fuller look.

Rose Perfume

The Body Shop Atlas Mountain Rose perfume – I love The Body Shop and their perfumes! I enjoy the more basic scents they offer. I find them balanced, not over powering and long lasting. I frequently get complimented on my perfume and when I tell people that it’s a $22 perfume from The Body Shop they usually are quite surprised! Normally I wear their Indian Night Jasmine Eau De Toilette however recently I picked up a small size of their Atlas Mountain Rose perfume and fell in love. I wear it over my lemon body spray (I talked about it last month) and my husband can’t get enough of it. Seriously love it!

So there you have it. My monthly round up of loves! I hope you enjoyed it and feel free to let me know what you’ve fallen in love with this October in the comments below!

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