Travel Kit Reviews: The Buxom Passport Collection – The Jetsetter Edition for Eyes, Lips & Cheeks

Do you ever need to look your best at a moment’s notice? That’s me. I’m a perpetual over-scheduler, over sleeper, traveler, and former gym junkie. While getting married, changing jobs, and being pregnant has made me slow down considerably I still live in that mindset of when I need to look good it needs to happen fast and the stuff I need BETTER be in my purse. If this sounds anything like you, I recommend trying out something from the Buxom Passport Collection.  Since August I’ve had The Jetsetter Edition for Eyes, Lips, and Cheeks in my purse. Overall I’m impressed with it. It has everything you need to take you from a natural to a night-time look at a moment’s notice (or a 15 minutes car ride … and YES I’m the passenger in this scenario!).

The blush brush is great to create contoured cheek and the double ended eye shadow brush allows you to blend and define your eyes so you can create a natural look or a trendy night-time eye. The colors are also well thought out with gold, taupes, and navy blue eye shadows and a natural nude blush and lip gloss. The Lash Mascara is a strong competitor to be my all-time favorite travel mascara since it separates and defines lashes with minimal clumps. And let’s face it; good, clump-free mascara is essential to every female (especially if she’s on-the-go!).



This collection is everything you need for a fresh look that’s perfect for a vacation or a quick application when you over sleep on a work day. I first put this kit through its paces when I brought it in my carry-on luggage for a romantic long weekend away in Quebec City with my husband. I knew we’d be taking pictures and walking a lot so I wanted to look polished and natural during the day and a bit glamorous at night (without taking over our shared hotel bathroom with products – fighting over bathroom space is NOT romantic!). I have to say this little kit really did the trick. It was my first time using Buxom products and I would buy them again based on the quality of this kit. While there was nothing that I truly loved individually, I really appreciated how all the colors and textures went together to create a cohesive make-up look that could be both timeless and sexy. So while I may not buy individual Buxom products I would consider buying another kit from them since this one was so well thought out. I also judge travel kits on what I need to supplement them with. And to be honest, the only thing I REALLY needed to supplement this kit with was my foundation (but of course, I also brought a highlighter, eye pencil, and bronzer.)

At any rate this kit is now a now a mainstay in my purse. I love the faux leather zippered ‘envelope’ casing that protects the products and, therefore, protects the lining of my purse.  I also love that this product is pregnancy friendly since it’s formulated without parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, phthalates, GMOs, and triclosan.

I think I’ll continue to be on the quest to find the perfect travel kit,  but the Buxom Passport Collection Kit will be a good place holder until I find my “Holy Grail”.



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