Wantable Unboxing – October 2014

October’s Wantable Unboxing is here!! This is a good box!!

My selections indicated that I love: warm, eye shadow and highlighter and I liked: complexion products, lip color and tools.  As you can see from the box above, it is very accurate.

Here are the items I got:

Mirabella Brilliant Highlighter in Shimmer Rose (value $38 US)

“This mineral based highlighter contains prismatech shimmer – brand new illuminator revitalizes skin with subtle sheen. Beautifully blended colour combinations provide a soft, incredibly flattering glow”.

This is a beautiful, beautiful, did I say beautiful, hightlighter. It has a pink shimmer and swatches beautifully. I love highlighters so I was very happy to receive this item! I have been happy with every Mirabella item I have gotten in my Wantable boxes.

Geri G. Canvas Brush (value $22 US)

“Exclusively designed by Geri G., the Canvas brush is a one-of-a-kind cruelty free, vegan brush perfect for achieving natural, all-over coverage with just a couple of strokes. This brush cleans easy, is fast-drying, and non-moisture absorbing, making it antibacterial, naturally”. 

This brush is tiny, just about 2 inches tall. It is super soft and seems like good quality. I am sure what to use it for, although they do suggest for anything from contouring, blush or foundation. I would probably use it for contouring as it fits quite well under my cheek bones.

Three Custom Color Violet Lip Liner (value $16.50 US)

These lip liners pencils are designed to glide effortlessly over the lips to allow for flawless application, easy blending and long wear. This range range was created to softly define the lips and create a barrier which extends the wear of lipsticks and lip glosses”.

This is a beautiful neutral colour, even if it says violet. I like this lip liner, just the perfect addition to my collection. It looks great under a lip gloss. I can see why Wantable featured this lip liner in their October Unboxed video with Jordan Liberty.

Eddie Funkouser Hyperreal Eye Color Palette in Ultimate Smokey Eye (value $14.99 US)

“Take the guesswork out of your colour application with four expertly hand selected shades. This palette can create a range of looks from natural to glamorous and classic to avant-garde”.

I am always excited to see eye shadow and especially quads in my box! This one is no exception. I asked for warm colours, and I am glad to see this neutral quad. I can see using this quad for a nice neutral eye during the day and then using the black to smoke it out and turn it into a night-time look.

 Total value of my box: $91.49 US

In all, I am very happy with this box, Wantable keeps surprising me and creating boxes I love. Can’t wait for November’s box, these will feel like birthday presents since it is by birthday month!

Come back to see my unboxing of the November Wantable collection!!

– Nat

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