Yay or Nay?? Julep 2-Sided Kajal Eye Glider

On today’s Yay or Nay Sunday, Julep 2-Sided Kajal Eye Glider!

What is my verdict on this eye glider… drum roll please…. YAY AND NAY….

I know this may seem to defeat the purpose of the yay or nay, however, let me explain.


Why is it a YAY? Julep describes this eye glider as so: “Two intensely pigmented colors—carbon black and brown shimmer—that glide on smoothly and blend like a dream”. I must agree. The brown side is a very pretty colour and it does go on very smooth. The black side is very back and it does blend well. When I applied the black side for work this week, it went on extremely easily, smooth and black, even on the waterline. I have also used the brown side many times and I love how it applies the and the color pay-off.  I really enjoy the brown side, the shade goes with everything.


Why is it a NAY?

Below is the look that I had after I applied the Kajal eye liner. I was very pleased with it, I loved the black and how it looked.

This was the final look after applying the Kajal Eye Liner

Here is why it is a nay… when I went to the washroom later that day, I looked in the mirror and …  I looked like a racoon!! (no picture of this one, sorry, but I can tell you that it  was NOT  a flattering look). So I went back to my desk, grabbed a tissue and softly swiped it under my eyes, and a lot of black came off… See below, everything that had smudged under my eyes… The worse was that it wasn’t even the end of the day, it was less than 3h later. I did not notice the same transfer with the brown side.

what came off … after only 3h of wear

In all, YAY to how the pencil glides on smooth, and YAY the brown side of this pencil and its color pay-off.

NAY to the black side, not for its color, but for its transfer onto the skin that left me looking very smudged!

I will keep using it brown but not the black side.

– Nat

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