The Best of Essence Cosmetics

2014-10-09 12.50.35
My Essence Cosmetics collection. It’s beautiful and shiny and glittery.

Essence Cosmetics is a low end, drugstore cosmetics brand that can be found exclusively at Shoppers Drugmart. They have a tween vibe and are priced extremely affordable which makes me think that their intended market is the 12-16 age range. This does not put me off what so ever! So far I have not found a product that they carry that retails for more than $4.99 at full price.

2014-10-09 13.03.21
I tried to do a cool swatch thing but I messed it up… You’re smart though. You can figure out where the colors go.

These single shadows retail for $1.99 however I was able to find all but one of them on sale for $0.99. They swatch nicely, have a smooth texture and blend well. The down side to them is that some of them are glitter bombs and you do have to contain a lot of fallout. For less than $2 eye shadow, I’m willing to deal with some of that. When I pick up cheap shadows, I love to find colors that I normally don’t wear. I feel like it’s a good, inexpensive way to try out new shades and looks. If I find something that looks like it could work for me then if I feel I need to upgrade the quality, I go hunt for a high end shade in that color. I’ve been experimenting with the blue shades and using a Maybelline Color Tattoo in Barely Branded. I’m going for a look that I found on Pinterest here (I’m sorry I can’t source it at the moment. I can’t find the original pin) it’s dominantly neutral/gold with a pop of light blue. I guess you could say that sand/ocean look. Anyway, I can do a tutorial if people are interested.

2014-10-09 13.19.03
All About Sunrise – I’m still figuring out how to use you.
2014-10-09 13.21.48
All About Nude – Looks sheer but I think they still would make good highlights. Thoughts on that?

I haven’t used the 2 palettes pictured yet. They are “All About Nude” and “All About Sunrise.” I’m really looking forward to playing with the “All About Sunrise” palette because it contains yellow and a peach. 2 colors that I’ve never tried on my eyes! I picked up the “All About Nude” one because I love those type of colors. I have to admit that they mostly swatch sheer so I’m a little nervous about that one.

2014-10-09 12.52.51
The 2 swatches on the left are Essence Liquid Liner in waterproof and black. The 2 on the right are the Essence Superfine in black. I tried to swatch them with the tip and the flat of the pen to give a sense of how fine they could. Not so fine in my opinion…

I had heard good things about the liners. They retail around $2-2.50. I got one in smudge proof extra fine and the other in waterproof. I find that I can’t quite make a dark and fine line with the fine liner. The waterproof one seems to go on a lot thicker. For my personal tastes, these won’t work. I can say that they do last a work day and I would recommend them it’s just I prefer an extremely fine line.

2014-10-09 12.53.29
Tasty. Shiny. Sparkly.

I have tried 2 different lip products from Essence. Their XXXL Shine lip gloss and their lipstick. Their Triple XXXL Lip Gloss is something that youtuber Tati frequently uses in her videos. It’s super glossy, glittery, tasty and smooth. It’s a nice highlight over lipstick or the little something you toss in your purse when you are out shopping. I can’t say the same about the lip stick. I got it on shade 67 Miss Peach. It tastes great, goes on smooth and has a more sheer finish for a lipstick. I normally wouldn’t mind that but it doesn’t seem to last and somehow I always manage to get this lipstick all over my face. If you want a $2 lipstick I’d pass over this particular one and head to Wet’n’Wild. The XXXL Gloss is great though.

2014-10-09 13.23.30
You can buy both of these products for less than 1 pack of the cheapest blotters at Sephora. Just sayin’

Essence has a few stay matte products. In the summer I struggle with shine so I was super excited to find some mattifying products for under $5. I have their blotters and they “All About Matte Fixing Powder.” I usually just leave them at work and use them as my mid-day touch up routine. The blotters are $2.50 and I think the powder is $4.99 (if I’m wrong, then it’s cheaper). For the price, you really can’t go wrong. They soak up the shine and get the job done. I will keep on buying these.

2014-10-09 13.24.33
Babydoll – clearly it’s loved.
2014-10-09 13.24.03
Life’s a Cherry – less used but still loved ❤
2014-10-09 13.25.38
Babydoll on the right . Life’s a Cherry on the left. Great pigmentation, even better price!

Last but not least… BLUSH! The Essence blushes that I have are amazing. I have them in colors “Life’s a Cherry” and “Babydoll.” If I can find more I will buy them. They are about $2.99 each, full price. They have excellent pigmentation, they go on smoothly and blend out really well. They will last all day, especially if I use a setting spray! Sometimes I find “Life’s a Cherry” to be too bold for me so I wear it under my foundation and it still shines through. I cannot say enough good things about these super amazing and easy on the wallet blushes! If you only ever buy 1 thing from Essence Cosmetics, let it be the blush!

I’m really impressed with Essence products. The quality is there for the price. With a low-price point line like this, there’s bound to be some misses but so far I’ve only encountered a few things that I don’t like and that’s more of a reflection of my taste, not the product itself. This is a brand that is not just for tweens. I highly recommend their blush and mattifiyng products to anyone. You get so much bang-for-your-buck! I can’t decide who is my favorite, under $5 brand; Wet’n’Wild or Essence. I’m certain that between these 2 brands you could have great looking make up for under $5 a piece. If you haven’t checked out Essence, you should. If you already love Wet’n’Wild then I think you will also love Essence.

4 thoughts on “The Best of Essence Cosmetics

  1. If you can find their gel liner, I highly recommend trying it! It’s super black, doesn’t drag or fade. And it’s $3 US so definitely worth it! I don’t normally use drugstore items, but this is one product that overpasses high end brands by a long shot.


  2. I’ve used they’re blushes and eye shadows before and think they’re pretty good for the price. It’s great because you can go buy some makeup when you only have loose change on you.


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