How to clean your makeup – An important tip that I learned from Youtube.

Recently I had a minor eye infection and as result was worried about contamination in my makeup. I took to Google to find a solution. I noticed that people talked more about cleaning their brushes than their actual makeup. So do people just never clean their makeup? What do you do when you get an eye infection or receive makeup as a pass down from a friend?

Youtuber Wayne Goss on Gossmakeupartist explained how to disinfect your makeup on his channel. You can find the link here.

2014-10-09 14.22.43I followed his steps and was able to clean out my entire collection. It was super easy. I found 70% rubbing alcohol already in a spray bottle at Dollarama for $1.  I gently sprayed all of my makeup and let it dry. I tested it out on my cheaper palettes just in case but by the time I reached my Bobbi Brown pieces I felt confident that things would work out. While my eye was healing I chose to refrain from wearing makeup. When I was all fixed up, I started wearing makeup again and have not got an infection so I think it’s safe to say – no contamination in my eyeshadow 🙂

I used to be friends with some girls who were all estheticians and they told me to throw out my makeup if I got an infection. I didn’t want to have to do that because I have spent a lot of money on my makeup… and, well, let’s be honest… they’re my babies!! Haha! Anyway, part of the spirit of beauty is sharing, I thought this was an excellent tip and wanted to pass it along.

For the record, I do not know Wayne Goss. I only learned of him from googling this issue. Since then I have become quite the fan (he is mesmerizing to listen too and he winks at ME! ME!). The reason why I linked back to him was only to give him proper credit since I obviously did not come up with this idea! I highly recommend everyone check him out and I highly recommend that everyone keep a spray bottle of rubbing alcohol around because pink eye is no fun!


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