Sheena’s September Favourites

2014-10-09 12.11.52
All together now!

I’m late to the game on doing September Faves because we only just recently decided that we were all going to do a monthly favorites post! Despite the last minute rush, it really wasn’t hard to come up with some really awesome things that I’ve been loving throughout September so let’s get to it!

2014-10-09 12.12.10
It simply works.

Julep Nail Therapy – I love it because it works. It can be worn as a base coat or on its own. It helps keep your nails hard and prevents chips. My nails dry out and chip but since I’ve been using this I’ve noticed a huge reduction in breakage. I will keep buying this product.

2014-10-09 12.12.54
This brush is a lazy beauty’s friend!

The Crown Brush C476 Crease and Shadow brush – I got this in one of my subscription boxes recently. The brush is soft and picks up a lot of product. I think that it’s a brilliant idea to make a double sided brush so that in the morning while I’m getting ready, I really only reach for the brush and switch back and forth between the 2 sides. This brush totally appeals to the lazy girl in me.

2014-10-09 12.13.04
Can’t get enough of the lovely aroma!

Be Delectable Lemon & Cream Set – I love the smell. It’s so amazing. It’s a sweet lemon smell so you don’t really walk around with the distinct aroma of lemonade on you! You smell more like lemon meringue pie… which I also LOVE! I enjoy layering my scents so I use the body wash in the shower, apply the lotion to my elbows and hands when I get out (prefer body butter for my legs and the drier parts of my body still) and spray the body spray all over. I then layer my Lavender perfume on top. It smells amazing and distinctly like me 🙂 It also appeals a little bit to the book nerd in me because in Beautiful Creatures Ethan gets hooked on Lena’s scent which is lemons and rosemary… just sayin.

2014-10-09 12.13.16
My vote for Best Tea for Fall 2014

Pukka Revitalise Tea – A non-beauty related product. It’s more of an evening routine thing… I’m a tea junky and have been for years now. I look for herbal teas that have no additives in them, not even “natural flavors.” It’s hard to find anything that doesn’t have additives at the grocery store that’s not green tea or mint. I love both of those teas but sometimes you want to switch it up! This tea is organic and has no additives. It`s a cinnamon, cardamom and ginger tea which I think is perfect for fall. Once you smell it you will agree. It has those spicy, savory classic fall scents and the taste is subtle. My evening routine includes this tea, a candle and comfy pyjamas. Amazing.

That’s my round up for the month of September.


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