Budget Nail Polish FAIL!

On a whim I picked up a Kit Polish from Rexall. It was on clearance for $2! I liked the deep navy blue, I’d never tried Kit brand nail polish and it was $2! Why not? The color I picked up is called “Evening Sky.” After 1 coat it was on pretty thick and the color wash showing fairly true. It started chipping after about 24 hours but that was totally my fault for being too lazy to use a top coat.

Kit Polish
At first I liked the color. I thought for $2 it was performing ok.

After a few days of wear I tried to remove my polish and then disaster struck. All my fingers were dyed blue. I had to take nail polish remover to my hand. Polish was everywhere and even the NEXT DAY you could still see blue polish under my nails. It was awful. I used my Julep nail polish remover, which I use all the time and personally feel that it works great. For some reason this particular nail polish decided to dissolve all over me and stain my hands.

Kit Polish Aftermath
My nails look dirty despite all my effort to clean them and it being the next day!

Buyer beware! $2 is super cheap but be prepared to have some serious clean up if you are using Kit nail polishes!



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