Pur Minerals: Essentials Kit – A Review

I have issues with sensitivity and redness for my skin. Mineral makeup is recommended for those of us with sensitive skin. It doesn’t contain the usual irritants such as perfumes and alcohols. I decided to give the Pur Minerals line a try since I read excellent reviews on the 4 in 1 pressed powder foundation.

About the brand (you may recognize this from before) Pur Minerals is a mineral makeup and skin care brand that can be found at Shoppers Drugmart, The Shopping Channel or purchased directly through Pur Minerals website. If you purchase products through their website, it’s slightly cheaper than Shoppers Drugmart, they offer free shipping to Canada after $50 and they have rewards programs as well as a satisfaction guarantee. They compete with brands such as BareMinerals. They are a hypoallergenic, mineral based and cruelty free brand. Many of their products are also Gluten free.

What’s inside? The Pur Minerals Essentials kit in the Light shade retails for $39 CDN. It features the bases to your face makeup, including:

Start Now Kit

  1. free sample size of their correcting primer
  2. full size Big Look Mascara
  3. full size Disappearing Act Concealer
  4. premium sample size 4 in 1 Pressed Powder Mineral Makeup in shade light
  5. premium sample size of the Pur Minerals 4 in 1 Tinted Moisturizer in light

The sample sized correcting primer was not large enough to give a fair review. I could only wear it once and I don’t like to review products that I wear just once. I feel that sometimes you need to play with things to figure out how to use them and get your money’s worth! I would like to mention that their primer has the consistency of Hourglass Veil Primer!

The Big Look Mascara was a really big disappointment to me. Although it gave me a very lovely natural looking lash, it ran all over my face after a short period of wear. I was disappointed because at first I thought it would make a great nude looking mascara. It’s important to know that I have watery eyes and run in to the issue with a lot of mascaras so I usually buy smudge proof or waterproof mascara. Given that the Big Look Mascara retails for $20, I expect it to perform better than my $3 Wet’n’Wild Mascara. However all is not lost! What doesn’t work for me might work for someone else and so I will pass this to my Mom to try. She wears glasses and is trying to find a less voluminous mascara because she finds that the long lashes touch her glasses. Her eyes don’t water like mine so it possibly could work out for her.

The Disappearing Act Concealer was also a bust for me. It dried out under my eyes and looked very cakey. It took the appearance of being able to be peeled off. I actually tried to scrape it off with my nail at one point. I tried to use it a couple of different ways; under my eyes, as a spot concealer for blemishes, over redness… it just looked dry and cakey every way I used it. It has a really sticky and thick texture so maybe if you have oily skin it could work for you but if you have any kind of dryness I don’t recommend it.

The 4 in 1 Tinted Moisturizer was not appealing to me at all at first. I had used a BB cream from Smashbox that I found way too thick and another tinted moisturizer from Derma C that was just awful. After my first use of this moisturizer I did not like it. When I put on a tinted moisturizer or BB, CC, DD cream… I tend to look super greasy. Like I could guide ships to safety in the storm because I’m glowing so much! I tried to set it with a pressed powder but felt ‘meh’ over that too. It seemed redundant. Anyway. I’m an active person and so I have been on the hunt for an active wear makeup routine. Something with SPF, that’s light and won’t sweat off so easily. I kept the tinted moisturizer on hand for when I was going to go on a little adventure outdoors to try it out in that context and I am really glad that I did! I went ziplining with my hubby and the 20 SPF inherent in the tinted moisturizer was perfect for the level of sun exposure that I was going to receive that day. It offered a slight tint to blur out my flaws but didn’t make me look like I showed up to go ziplining like I was going to a club! When we went out to grab something to eat after about 3 hours of sweaty, humid, outdoor activity, I noticed that my makeup was still intact. I was sold and have used it several times since. I would definitely recommend the 4 in 1 Tinted Moisturizer by Pur Minerals to anyone.

The 4 in 1 Pressed Powder Foundation is the crown jewel of Pur Minerals. They built their company based on the strength of this product. I actually did a lot of reading on Pur Minerals 4 in 1 Foundation before I decided to buy their Essentials Kit. One recommendation was to use the brush sold by Pur Minerals to apply it with so I picked that up too. The brush was awful and shed all over my face. Luckily I purchased everything up from Shoppers and they let me exchange it for a similar brush from their Quo line. The powder takes some getting used to and I recommend that you check out their tutorials on Youtube before you start. Once I watched the tutorial and exchanged the brush for a decent one I was really able to test out the powder. I tried using it different ways and in combination with different products. Overall I have to say that this is an excellent product. I found the coverage to go from light to medium/near full coverage very easily. It was buildable and light weight. I felt like I didn’t need a liquid foundation underneath at all. I took a slimmer concealer brush and blended in a little extra foundation on in areas that I needed it in favor of concealer. I always used a primer. I toggled back and forth between the Hourglass Veil and the Lise Watier Matte Primer. If I didn’t go for a walk in the hot sun and work up a sweat, it lasted a full work day. My only complaint (and this is likely just me) is that I prefer a loose powder because I think it’s easier to apply. Some people might not agree with me here. The benefit to pressed powder is that you don’t lose as much product and you can put it in your purse without a mess. But I find it’s harder to apply in the pressed form. That’s just me and I would make the same complaint for bareminerals pressed powder. I would recommend this foundation to anyone, especially people with skin sensitivities but also those who have allergies. There are no allergens in this foundation including gluten.  It’s certified by PETA as cruelty free and performs as advertised.

Overall the Pur Minerals Essentials Kit was hit and miss for me but I’m really glad that I bought it. I think that these types of kits are a great way to try products from a company’s line that might normally be too expensive to risk buying on its own in full size. If I bought each of these products full size to try them out I would be looking at a price tag of about $120. Instead I spent $39 and got to try out some makeup from a great brand. I will keep coming back to the 4 in 1 foundation and tinted moisturizer. I found that the mascara and the concealer were a miss for me. If someone asked me if they should buy this kit I’d say no because there are 2 products here that I personally didn’t care for. Instead I’d recommend that they grab the new 5 Piece Start Now Kit or the Start Now Essentials Kit. Overall I am still happy with the Pur Minerals brand and have my eye on several other things from them! I see that they recently launched a NEW concealer and what looks to be a gorgeous Matte eyeshadow palette…

Anyway, that wraps it all up here for me. I also did another review a week or so ago of their Skin Care kit which you can find here. If you want me to dive deeper in to any of the products and how I use them, let me know in the comments below.



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    1. Thank you so much! We are so excited that people are enjoying it 🙂 We started this as a fun hobby for the 3 of us to do and are just thrilled that other people are finding our makeup endeavors useful as well! – Sheena


  1. I like this post, enjoyed this one thank you for putting up. No man is wise enough by himself. by Titus Maccius Plautus. efkfdadafbdd


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