Sally Beauty Canada Club – Worth It? (The Answer is YES!)

Today I have to sing Sally Beauty Club’s praises because it’s the first membership that I think is worth purchasing even if you’re not a product-aholic. Why? Well today they emailed me a 15% of coupon for spending just $35 in store during the month of September! This amounted to be buying hairspray, cotton balls, and acetone (not exactly a splurge month in my books). Their customer appreciation is making me seriously reconsider my dedication to other beauty supply retailers.

Sally Beauty has great prices and offers cheaper brands than most of the other beauty vendors. While I may not know all of the products by name, I’m more likely to go out of my comfort zone and try out some new brands if I’m getting a deal. If you live or work near a Sally Beauty I’d recommend joining their club. They also get amazing deals on hair styling tools and they have a full array of nail polishes and make up that are great value.

I look forward to reviewing more of my finds at this store!

Sally Beauty Pic 2Sally Beauty Pic 1


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