Ladies why do we tell our daughters to not shave their legs above the knee? in the 1950s when we all wore knee socks and below the knee skirts then MAYBE above the knee was for when you start going ‘steady’ or ‘get married’. But with the advent of short-shorts and mini skirts those days are gone.

Mothers-to-be:  you need to introduce your little ladies to the world of hair removal! I mean there are so many options: depilators, lasers, wax, and, of course, razors. Let’s face it; puberty is hard enough without having to worry about hair removal alone. Don’t let your daughter be the one with the ‘Yeti Legs’. (Side Note: I BARELY escaped this moniker by not listening to my mother … but I still empathize with the girls who had to outlive that nick name.)

Now if I had the opportunity to weigh my different hair removal options I believe I would’ve chosen waxing as my modus operandi. Many of my female friends whose mothers got them to shun the razor are now virtually hairless in their late 20s and early 30s (except above the knee … grrrrrr.)

Since I’m expecting my daughter in January I plan to give her my blessing to remove any unwanted hair when she wants to.



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