Nat’s September Beauty Favourites!

I have 8 items that I have been liking this month that I want to share.

 Skin Care

#1 Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter

scent: lavender

As you guys know, I have very dry skin and my body is no exception. I was looking to try something that would be perfectly hydrating and I could apply to my entire body. I snagged this gem on sale online at Sephora.  Because it is whipped, it is not too thick. I didn’t want a cream that I would feel all day on my skin and that felt greasy. This product is neither of these things. It is perfect for after my shower and it absorbs very well into the skin. The only little negative is how strong the smell is. I like lavender but this smell is very strong, almost overwhelming. When I first opened it, I was afraid that I would smell like I was dipped head-to-toe in lavender. What I noticed is that it absorbs best after a shower and the smell does diminish soon after application. It does not over power once applied and it does fade.

Overall: hydrating, smooth, absorbs and not greasy!

#2 Vaseline Hydratant Spray and Go

OK, let’s be honest here, when I saw this commercial, I thought this was very gimmick-y. My favourite hand cream is the Curel one and I have been using that for years. However, sometimes in the morning when I am in a hurry, and I am wearing a dress or capris and I cannot leave the house without hydrating my legs (again, very dry skin and my legs are the worst). So I thought, oh what the heck, and I bought this. It works, it sprays, it hydrates and absorbs quickly. It is perfect for just those situations when I need a quick spray before work and off I go. I still would not replace my Curel and will use that or the body butter mentioned in #1 when I have more time, but for a quick spray and out the door, it’s perfect.

Overall: quick, and it does exactly as it is advertised; spray & go


#3 Gucci Guilty Black Perfume

I have been searching for my new perfume since the one I currently wear is discontinued. So after many many samples of perfume later, I think I have finally found my new one! My husband likes lilac and lavendar smells and I was looking for something with lilac undertones. I got a roller ball of the Gucci Guilty and it does smell lovely, but when I got this sample size on Sephora of the Black version… I was hooked. The lilac undertones are much stronger.

Overall: Sephora describes this perfume as “Sensual. Indulgent. Provocative.” I agree.


#4 Kat Von D: Lock-it Powder Foundation (light 45)

This is not a new item, but one I oringally started using in February. This is my 2nd one I bought as I hit pan on my original. The reason this is a September favourite is because it has made a comeback in my daily work makeup routine. It provides a good coverage without looking cakey. It is buildable by dabbing on those areas that you need it more. It is also great for my morning routine when I need to get out the door for work. It takes less time than applying a full liquid foundation. Loving this right now.

Overall: quick, good coverage, not cakey

#5 Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser for Dark Circle Concealer

This has been my go-to concealer for September for one simple reason: it doesn’t crease. I like it for the under eye area. Even if I don’t have big dark circle and that is not my biggest concern, I enjoy using this because it doesn’t crease my many many fine lines under my eyes. I like the texture it is not too thick, it blends well and it is affordable. This is a medium coverage and i use a shade light to use as under-eye highlighting as well.

#6 Kat Von D Studded Lipstick in Lovecraft 

Do we love this new packaging?? Yes we do! Kat Von D has some of my favourite packaging, always original and gorgeous. I picked up the Lovecraft color which is a mauve nude and what I was looking for, especially for fall. I didn’t want a pink nude or a brown nude so this is perfect. This one is matte and leaves my lips a little dry, but that makes it long lasting and beautiful. For my favourite creamy lipstick, see #7!

#7 Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick in Shiraz

I have found my favourite high-end lipstick! Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick, so gorgeous, feels great on the lips, long lasting, just gorgeous all the way. Oh! And a Canadian Company, let’s give a shout out to THAT! Tons of beauty vloggers/bloggers have been mentionning Bite Beauty and I completely understand why. This color in is Shiraz, which much like the above it is a mauve-y nude and I carry this one everywhere. It is versatile and goes with many different looks. Perfect for fall! Go out and get yourself one, now… NOW!!


#8 Paul Mitchell Curls Crunch-Free Curl Definer

I like this product and I only found it at my hair dressers. So when I went to the States, I stocked up on some!! This is perfect for my light curl, nice cream and replaces my mousse. I recommend it if you have a light wave and looking for something that won’t make your hair greasy, or dry or stiff after diffusing it with a hair dryer. Love!!

Hope you enjoyed my favourites for the month of September!


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