My 3 months of Ipsy

Nat was introduced to Ipsy from a friend of hers at work. Upon seeing frequent posts on her friends facebook about a mysterious “Glam Bag” Nat inquired, was roped in and after twisting my arm for what felt like forever… I was too.

For those who don’t know what Ipsy is… read on! For those who already do and don’t need a refresher, skip to the next paragraph below. Ipsy is a monthly beauty subscription service that features premium samples from a variety of beauty brands. You usually receive 4-5 products valued around $25 give or take plus a cute little make up bag that they affectionately refer to as the “glam bag.” After tax and shipping it’s a little less than $15 for Canadians. You can check them out here.

I signed up for Ipsy with the intent to spend less than $15 a month, receive a cute little mini-haul of make up in the mail and hopefully experiment with some new products! I was prepared to stay signed up indefinitely given the tiny price tag.

Here is a quick view of my Glam Bags:

Ipsy May 2014

May 2014 – my first glam bag! I liked it a lot but ended up passing the Pacifica Duo Eye Shadow to Missy since I have a Too Faced palette with the same purple but slightly better quality. I used the sunscreen for back up sunscreen in my purse, the olive lips was great (love rosemary and it has rosemary in it!) but I couldn’t figure out why I should care about the Eau Thermale spray…

Ipsy June 2014

June 2014 Glam Bag – The mascara from “Be a Bombshell” stunk. It smelled like something was wrong with it. I threw it out. I also gave the BB Cushions to Missy to try since it’s more up her alley than mine. Loved the beach spray! Nyx buttergloss is ok but not the right color for me and the eye liner is also ok but again not the right color for me (but Nat loves it and rocks it all the time).

Ipsy July 2014

July 2014 Glam Bag – I gave away the Pixi lip gloss since it was basically clear and I didn’t like it. I gave away the bronzer since I have one and for some reason at the time I didn’t want it. I tried the BB Cream but it didn’t work for me (too greasy for my oil issues). LOVE the bareminerals duo and love the pur-lisse moisturizer with sunscreen.

Over my 3 months of having Ipsy, on average I didn’t care for about 1 thing in my bag straight away. After trying the products that I was interested in I found that  I usually gave away 1 or 2 more products.

To be honest, for $15 a month, I’m ok with that. It was about experimentation and trying new things. It was ok for me to receive products that, after I tried them, were misses for me. Most of the products that I gave away ended up working well for the recipient so that’s a win too!

In the end I chose to unsubscribe from Ipsy but not because I was dissatisfied. For this post I just wanted to show off what I got and what was awesome about it! Nat is super in to Ipsy and various other subscriptions so I’m sure she will have a lot more to say on the topic than I do! That being said, in my humble opinion here is why you might be interested in Ipsy:

  1. It’s fairly inexpensive
  2. It’s always a surprise (although you can cheat and sneak peak in to your Glam Bag)
  3. The bags tend to have a broad range of products so you can try a mix of beauty items
  4. The brands they choose are often boutique
  5. But when they get in big names.. you feel so happy to score something like Bareminerals!!
  6. The Glam community is pretty cool and you kind of feel like you’re in a club

In short – if you really love beauty products of all shapes and colors then give it a go! It’s a lot of fun 🙂

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