Wantable Subscriptions – A General Review

Let’s talk all things Wantable subscriptions!!

How it Works

Wantable is a monthly susbcription service that delivers products straight to your mailbox. You have three options: (soon to be 4 when they come out with their sports box) Makeup, Intimates, Accessories and the recent new release, Fitness. You will not find much on the Fitness section as they have just launched it for the month of October and I have not tried that box.

You choose the box you want it’s a separate subscription for each. Once you chose, you will be prompted to fill in a quiz. This is one of the best things with Wantable. The quiz helps Wantable customize the selections in your box. It is the best custom quiz I have seen in the subscriptions that I have tried. You can request to not get certain items / colors.

The box will ship every month on the same day of the month as your 1st order.  You will received 4-5 items in each box handpicked just for you. The Fitness one is different and please refer to the website for more details.

The best part, if you don’t like the items, simply return them! For the US, if there is one item you don’t like, you can send it back at no shipping cost. For us Canadians, the only way you can do a return is to ship your entire box back and pay shipping. Again, a service that we can’t really benefit from… sigh…



This is where are a Canadian, we get a little jipped. As a Canadian, you know that subscriptions are limited and often expensive for us. This is true of the Wantable sub but I think it is worth it. I’ll get into that below in each box section. You can do a one-time box just to try it. For the US, the one-time box is $40, for Canada it’s $55. The monthly subscription is $36 for the US and $50 for Canada.

Each box comes with a sheet that describes what items you get in your box with suggestions on who to us/wear them and also the retail price of each item.

On average, in the makeup box, I usually get around $90 worth of products.

Review Intimates Box

As you may or may not know, I am a plus-size curvy woman. I was a little apprehensive  about trying the intimates box since the sizes only go up to XXL/2X. And even if that normally fits me, it all depends on the company. A article that is made specifically for plus size will work, some that make regular sizes and go higher into XXL won’t work. You can’t make the same clothes for plus size women, it just doesn’t fit the same.

But I decided to bite the bullet and get it any way. On my quiz, I kept it very restrictive to avoid as many size issues.

Here is what I got (5 items):

1) Green Niki Biki Tank (size XL) – $25 retail value

This tank was really nice and super soft, think fabric. The color is vibrant and would be super nice. I could see this under a size dark sweater for a pop of color. It is also a long tank. I like this tank, but sadly it did not fit.

2) Pucker Up! Jennifer soft cup lace bandeau in pink (size 1X) – retail value $18

I liked this, although it did roll down during the day.  I wear it as an under tank over my bra, but it doesn’t go all over my breast unfortunately, it is a little small.

3) and 4) Puma 3-pack women’s low cut socks (size 8) – retail value $12 and Cynthia Rowley Floral Lace Liners Black (size M) retail value $18

I love both of these, especially the Puma socks. They have this little curve on heel of the sock that is higher than the rest of the sock which makes them stay and not pull down when you walk.

5) PPI Lydia Hipster undies (size 3X) – retail value $10

These are super cute but the fit is small. They sent me a size bigger because they said that this brand runs small, which is true.

Is it worth it?

I think this could be worth it for people who love undergarments and would like to try different things. I can also see this working better for women who are not plus size up to probably a size 18. I did try the quiz for the fitness box and it looks like they have more sizes available.

Even if everything together came to $83 of retail value, In retrospect, I should have returned the box but I didn’t realize I could do that at the time, and did I want to pay the shipping back? No. So, the green tank top now has a new home with Missy and I have nice new puma socks.

Review Accessories Box

I only got 2 accessories box. For both of them, they got my style down so perfect. The items where what you would get an any accessory store. Some are better quality than others but nothing that I couldn’t find similar myself. However. I do wear most of these accessories on a regular basis and I liked the box.  I didn’t continue getting the box just because I wanted my money to go elsewhere.

Is it worth it?

If you like getting different accessories, statement pieces and trying out things that you wouldn’t normally go out and buy for yourself, then this subscription is for you.  In the box with the scarf below, I got $81 of retail value. Personally, I will not be getting this box again since I would not normally spend cash on this type of jewelry. If I am craving non-high end brands, I will go to my local stores (Reitmans, Laura, Aldo, etc.) and get myself those type of you-can-buy-similar-items-anywhere jewelry.

Review Makeup Box

This box is by far my favourite. As you know, with most makeup subscriptions (such as ipsy or topbox), you get deluxe samples of product. I love the makeup you get in here and they are all FULL-SIZE! So far, they have been extremely great at integrating my likes and don’ts  to my box.

The quality of the products are high and I have not been disappointed with it. The down side with being Canadian on the makeup box, is that if you fall in love with one of these brands, they are very hard to find in Canada or you will pay a lot of shipping to be able to get the items that you like (that’s IF the company even ships to Canada).

Below are samples of my boxes.

I will not go into details to review the makeup boxes as I will be doing a review and unboxing of each month of subscription boxes.

Is it worth it?

In my opinion, yes. Even if I cannot get some of these brands in Canada easily, it does allow me to try a variety of products. I try to change my quiz regularly to compliment a lack in my collection or just for products that I am currently playing with or trying.


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