The New Black Ombre Today I’m looking at the ombré nail trend. A trend that has been made infinitely easier by a nifty little kit by “The New Black” nail polish line (available at Sephora … and it’s on sale!!!!).

I do have to admit that I’m a pretty picky person when it comes to nail polish. When I was a teen it was only the quick dry stuff that would do. Then I migrated to OPI in my 20s. Then my nail polish obsession sent me to drool over Ciaté polishes (by far the best nail polish on the market, in my humble opinion, in terms of pigment, chip resistance, and consistency of polish).

But now and again a neat little kit will show up in the Sephora sale section (and I confess I’m usually swayed by the fact that I may need a couple of extra bucks to get free shipping) so I add it to my cart and get ready to experiment. Overall “The New Black” nail polish is pretty good. I find it’s more chip resistant than OPI but it unfortunately has a thinner consistency than Ciaté which means it requires more coats.

So here’s the low down on this trend:

What it is: Ombré isOmbre Nails having tones of color that shade into each other, graduating from light to dark. So if you’re painting your nails you need to find 5 colors in the same family.

How to do it: I decided to attempt the most basic of this trend which is to paint each nail on one hand a different shade

Time Commitment: In terms of time commitment this didn’t take too much more time than painting my nails all one color. The only tricky thing was maneuvering all the different bottles and colors while I still had damp nails.

Overall I say this trend is a DO! Once you get your colors you’re good to go! This trend is subtle and feminine and appropriate in most contexts. 🙂






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