Pur Minerals: Start Now Care Kit – A Review

Before I dive in to the review, I’d just like to take a second and mention what my specific skin care needs are. We are all different and for that reason, what works for one person might not work for another. I have combination skin. I swing from feeling super dry to late day oil. I have a lot of redness in my skin and I get irritated extremely easily. If I use products that contain certain alcohols and to some extent SPF, my eyes burn and my skin feels slightly burnt. Alcohol and perfumes tend to encourage my redness. I’m on the hunt for a product that doesn’t irritate my skin, helps sooth the redness and irritation and hydrates appropriately.

Pur Minerals is a mineral make up and skin care brand that can be found at Shoppers Drugmart, The Shopping Channel or purchased directly through Pur Minerals website. If you purchase products through their website, it’s slightly cheaper than Shoppers Drugmart, they offer free shipping to Canada after $50 and they have rewards programs as well as a satisfaction guarantee. They compete with brands such as BareMinerals. They are a hypoallergenic, mineral based and cruelty free brand. Many of their products are also Gluten free.

What’s inside? The Pur Minerals Start Now Kit has 4 deluxe sized samples of what seems to be their core skin care products.

  1. Miracle Mist hydrate and set spray
  2. Simplicity soothing gentle cleanser
  3. Soak It Up intense hydrating moisturizer
  4. Dirty Girl detoxifying masque with pascalite
Pur Minerals Skincare Get Started Kit

Miracle Mist

MiracleMist_COPY2Immediately I did not know what to do with this product. In my opinion the instructions are vague “Mist onto face and body after showering and throughout the day, as needed. Apply after makeup application for extended wear.” Yeah. Helpful… To me that implied that it could be used as a toner or a setting spray. 2 things that in my mind, are not the same at all! Since the kit is lacking a toner that’s what I tried first and to be honest, I only did it once. It did not work well as a toner since it has a bit of a sticky texture. I did not like it so I set it down and moved on. A few days later I went back and tried it out again but this time as a setting spray. I felt like it did have an impact on the longevity of my makeup and it created a bit of a dewy finish. The tacky texture worked well for a setting spray. However! I have never used a setting spray before. This product has made me curious about them so I am trying a bunch out. At this time I can’t speak to it compared to other setting sprays but I can say that I felt like it made a difference.

Simplicity Cleanser

SimplicityOn their website Pur Minerals describes this cleanser as their “no frills” face wash and I couldn’t agree more. No perfumes, alcohols, and bad sulfates. It’s just a plain and simple cleanser. It lathers up nicely, rinses clean off my face, and is gentle enough that I can remove eye makeup with it. (If I’m wearing waterproof mascara I do still need to use a makeup remover for that) This is the first ever cleanser that I have tried that has not caused a reaction for me. A lot of people have recommended Aveeno to me but for some reason their products dry me out. I can use Andalou cleansers but I never feel as clean from them because they don’t lather or foam. I feel like I can’t tell if I’m getting it all over my face or not if my cleanser doesn’t foam or lather. Maybe that’s just a ‘me’ thing. Anyway, long story short. I really, really love this cleanser. Having a cleanser that doesn’t make me dried out, irritated and cause my skin to inflame makes me want to wash my face more often.  I have since gone out and purchased the full sized version of the Simplicity Cleanser and I highly recommend it to people who have skin troubles like I do.

Soak It Up

SoakItUp_COPY2This is supposed to be an intense hydrating moisturizer from Pur Minerals. I do tend to gravitate to extra hydrating products so I was excited to give this one a go. Personally I didn’t feel like I was getting the hydration that I needed from this product. Perhaps it would work better with someone who would describe their skin as more normal. I have to be honest though… I wouldn’t rush out and recommend this product to anyone because it also had a weird tacky finish. Like I sprayed myself with hairspray or something. It was odd and I didn’t care for. In doing my research on Pur Minerals, I found that I wasn’t the only one who felt that way. Youtuber/Beauty Guru “Coffee Break with Dani” noticed the same thing. See her review here.


Dirty Girl

DirtyGirlMuch like a setting spray, I’ve had little experience with masks. I tried out a few of Andalou’s masks such as their Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask, in the past but wasn’t overly impressed. When I gave Dirty Girl a spin I was pleasantly surprised. I think that I might be a mask convert now! I’ve been including a mud mask in my Sunday night beauty routine regularly now and I like it! To be truthful, I have no clue if it’s helping or not! I just find that after my skin feels super smooth and moist. The only down side is that while wearing the mask it can feel a touch uncomfortable. As the mud dries it tightens up so I tend to wear it for only 5 minutes and then I jump straight in to the shower. After playing around with Dirty Girl (so many jokes…), I think I will try out some more masks!


To sum it all up! The Start Now Kit retails for $29.00 CDN and features four of their flagship products for skin care. I have zero regrets in purchasing it even though not everything worked out for me. I really enjoy it when companies make kits like this because it allows you to try out their products without breaking the bank! I did find success with the Simplicity cleanser and sparked a curiosity for setting sprays and mud masks after using this kit so I consider it to be a win. Who knows? Maybe I will try a bunch of sprays and masks to discover that Pur Minerals are in-fact the best ones for me and rebuy them? I would recommend Pur Minerals brand to anyone (although not the Soak it Up cream) and I think that this kit is a great introduction in to their line.


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