My Very First Plié Wand Mani!

My Plié Wand arrived just in time for my birthday celebrations! Naturally I had to break it out for my Birthday dinner celebration with 15 of my closest friends at a swanky Italian restaurant here in town. Whenever my birthday rolls around I feel like I get a free pass to buy a new dress. I had a cute little number that I got on sale at the Guess Outlet for a great price!


Plie Wand Box

This is the Plié Wand in the packaging. It looks like serious business. Serious manicure business…

Since my awesome new dress was black and white I decided that my nails need to be bolder. I went with a classic french manicure with a TWIST! I chose a hot pink for the base of my nail polish and went with gold for the tips!

Plie Mani 1

My First Mani using the Plié Wand

I got a lot of compliments and for my first French manicure using Juleps Plié Wand! I think it turned out pretty good! I used the thin tip for doing details that came with my Plié Wand. Over all I found that it was pretty easy to do. I took a few minutes to get adjusted to the wand and then away I went! Over all I’m happy with it and am looking forward to trying some more of their cute manicure ideas like this Daisy Art manicure.

And for fun, one last pic. – Sheena

Plie Mani 3

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